HTC Thunderbolt set to strike on Feb. 14

According to several blogs, a Best Buy leak shows the launch date for the HTC Thunderbolt to be Feb. 14. The Thunderbolt is essentially the EVO running on Verizon’s 4G-LTE network. In other words, it will be the fastest, baddest phone on the market with the Sprint EVO a close second.

That reign won’t last long, however, as a slew of faster 4G phones are skedded to hit the market in the next few months.

The Verizon Wireless battle now is clearly a decision of the HTC Thunderbolt vs. the iPhone. Click that link to see how they stack up against each other.

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iPhone 4 to launch Feb. 10 on Verizon’s network

It’s official. Verizon Wireless will begin selling the iPhone 4 on its network beginning Feb 10. Existing customers can begin pre-ordering on Feb. 3.

While there’s little new about Verizon’s version of the phone, other than it having hotspot capability and it being a CDMA, phone, it does make Verizon the 800-lb guerilla.

Until the army of 4G phones hits the market, look for Verizon’s iPhone to the hottest device going.

Experts speculate the iPhone won’t be 4G capable until 2012, giving a major edge to the 4G handsets.

We’ll find out for sure this summer when the iPhone 5 launches.

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DROID Bionic leading early buzz from CES

Search geeks who are paying attention, know that the DROID Bionic was the unofficial winner at CES. “DROID Bionic” cracked Alexa’s Top 20 hottest phrases last Friday, besting the likes of Angry Birds in the process.

The other phone generating the most buzz also comes Motorola. The Motorola Atrix 4G, which it’s potential for replacing laptop computers, has many people chomping at the bit for its release.

Until then, we’ll remain content with a look at the specs/features on both of them: DROID Bionic vs. Motorola Atrix 4G.

If that’s not enough for you, check out these comparisons of the DROID Bionic vs. HTC EVO 4G and the iPhone 4 vs. DROID Bionic for insight on why the Bionic is destined to fly off the virtual shelves.

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What is Wirefly? – Good overview from


Wirefly has been operating online since at least 2003, though it does not offer a complete history about its inception. Since 2007 the company has been privately owned by Simplexity L.L.C., whose corporate headquarters are in Reston, Virginia. The “technology and operations center” is in Largo, Maryland.

Wirefly is an “authorized agent” for most cellular phone carriers in the United States. One question asked constantly about Wirefly is how it can sell phones at rates lower than most other retailers. According to Wirefly’s website, it is able to sell cheaply because it doesn’t make money off the handset sales themselves. Instead, Wirefly helps cellular companies “keep customers” by locking them into contracts longer than those they might normally have opted for. For this customer retention, Wirefly is compensated by the cellular providers once the customer successfully reaches the end of the contract.

Read more: | What Is Wirefly?

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Black Friday Deals

If you’ve been longing to get a white HTC Evo for a great price, Wirefly’s answered your prayers.

Wirefly has white HTC EVOs in stock with a list price Karamba is the best online casino of only $149.99 with a 2-year contract.

They also recently launced two new color variations of the BlackBerry Torch. You can now get a white Torch or a cherry red Torch. The Torch is currently on sale for “Free” with a 2-year contract.

Hurry up! These Black-Friday prices aren’t going to last much longer.

Other hot new phone deals launched recently on Wirefly:
Motorola Droid Pro
Samsung Contiuum

Source: Wirefly

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Wirefly Compares HD7 and myTouch 4G in “Schmackdown” video

Having trouble deciding which hot phone to get from T-Mobile? Then check out this extensive comparison of the HTC HD7 vs. the myTouch 4G.

From the article:
The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G (made by HTC) runs the Android 2.2 operating system, which is the most powerful version of Google’s open operating system. The MyTouch 4G is compact yet sports a bright 3.8-inch TFT LCD display, and the phone connects to the Internet on T-Mobile’s high-speed HSPA+ network. The HD7 carries a giant 4.3″ TFT LCD display, reminiscient of the EVO and HD2 and comes with a 1 GHZ processor and 512 MB of RAM and connects via the HSPA network.

Click here to read full comparison and watch video.

Source: Wirefly

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Get Ready T-Mobile Users for the myTouch 4G

I have yet to see any write anything other than praise T-Mobile’s latest Android phone, the myTouch 4G.

To quote: “Not only is it the speediest device to hit the America’s, it also comes with a front-facing camera capable of video chat via WiFi and T-Mobile’s network, as well as hotspot capability, wireless media broadcasting and more.”

Be sure to check out Wirefly’s myTouch 4G review, complete with multiple videos of key features and benchmark tests.

The myTouch 4G can be yours today at Wirefly for just $149.99 with a 2-year contract.

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