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SMS is Great

No wait SMS is retarded…

I just got finished reading a post on Mobile 2.0 which was very interesting and a comment led me to revisit my love/hate relationship with SMS.

SMS provides mobile developers with the potential to access the majority of cell phones that are in the market today. This is a great thing. I can write killer mobile applications that can be accessible by over a billion people. Sweet!

I could write a severe weather SMS alert application that could potentially be life saving or a sports score SMS application that could be marriage saving (yeh, all you football fans could join your wives at the Mall on Sunday and secretly stay up to date on your scores via your phone). Not killer apps, but you get the idea…

But wait, let’s say I get 1% of all cell phone users to use my cool new SMS service. Yippie for me, right? Wrong… if each user fires up my application just a few times a week that would cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million dollars a year to operate. Ouch!

If I make this service available thru a web page or client/server application, then it will cost me about a thousand dollars a year to operate. That is jacked up! Several orders of magnitude lower in price and several orders of magnitude higher in capability by not using SMS. Yes, I know that I can’t get to all those cell phones if the mobile device needs a browser or the mobile device has to be able to run my client. What’s a mobile developer to do?

I love SMS and the opportunities it provides for mobile developers, but the pricing is crazy and stifling!

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You know those funky verification codes used to distinguish bots from people? They’re called CAPTCHA’s & there is always some goofy character string that you need to replicate. This was by far the best CAPTCHA I have ever entered:


December 12th, 2006

Been YAL’d At Lately… Say What?

Have you been YAL’d at today? Yep, I’m talking about a new type of spam, and I am a victim and a purveyor.

YAL - Yet Another Link

YAL, Yet Another Link, is that email you get that just has a link in it. Please do not send me any YAL’s anymore, and I promise to try not to send any YAL’s on my end. There are two reasons why YAL’s suck:
1. There’s a good chance I have already seen the link (thanks to the beauty of RSS)
2. If I haven’t seen it, at least give me a one line highlight or a bullet point or something

Make the YAL receiver’s life easier… Presumably you’ve read the link and found it interesting. Provide a quick highlight or two along w/ the link. Tell what is good, what is bad, what’s the point. Do not just send a link. Even worse than that, do not just paste the contents of the link and send that – that is double sucky!

Okay, I must admit I was a YAL contributor and still am (I almost sent two YAL’s today), but I am trying to become a member of the YAAL community. That’s Yet Another Annotated Link and that is okay ;)

The CEO of my company is a good YAAL member; he sends out lots of links but most of the time provides a sentence or two to set it up and that is mucho appreciated!
YAAL me baby!

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Amazing Story

My friend David is one tough and strong willed dude… so I am not surprised to hear that his brother is too.  This is an amazing story of strength, courage, and willpower… Jon Henderson is a walking miracle.

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My “Web” Stats

I must have viewed at least 20 “Web properties” tonight… but the kicker is that I didn’t even open my browser.  I consumed ALL this content from inside my desktop aggregator.

This fact ties directly to this – “Microsoft Stole Google’s Cafeteria” and this “I Know When You’ve Been Bad or Good

… and ties indirectly to this – “Why Google Will Set the Record for The Greatest Market Cap Loss In a Single Month

… and is somewhat related to this – “Changing Climates for Microsoft and Google, Desktops and Webs

December 8th, 2006

Microsoft Stole Google’s Cafeteria, Part I


I call this Gooble.

to be continued…

December 8th, 2006

Moon Over Boulder

Moon Over Boulder

I was supposed to meet my coffee buddies tonight but the plans got foiled, and I ended up snapping this photo from my cell phone high above Boulder on a beautiful night. Apologies for the crappy image, but you outta get the picture.  Here is how I ended up there…

The plan was to meet in Boulder at 7:30 pm. I left the office in Denver, made a quick stop at the gym, and headed to the watering hole. I was actually a bit ahead of schedule which is definitely a first for me. I was hanging out in the hallway waiting for my buds to show but no-one was coming. One of the posse was having back problems so I suspected he wouldn’t make it. Another had a sick nanny, so I was thinking maybe his kiddo got sick as well.

I fired up the laptop and sent a few emails to see if anyone was online. It was quiet. I waited until 8 pm. I was getting cold and my laptop battery was getting thin, so I decided to do what any insane person would do on a chilly winter night in Boulder. I hopped on my bike, strapped on the backpack, and rode over to Mt. Sanitas. From there, I ran the mountain trail. This is an awesome run and was particularly amazing on this cold, still night that was lit up by a spectacular moon.

I followed up the run with some riding around on the bike paths and trails that snake up to North Boulder. I was home by 9:30.

That was pretty perfect!

December 8th, 2006

Go! Now Get Go!

We are currently running a sweet promotion where you can get 10 dollars off any NewsGator product for the holiday season.  They are all awesome, but I would highly recommend NewsGator Go! :)

Just click on the link near the penguin… nice touch on the image selection Tim Walker!!!  I used to really like the penguin back in the day… still do, just not as much ;)

Along those holiday spirit lines, you wouldn’t believe the NewsGator office… it looks like the xmas decorators from Macy’s took over.  It’s off the hook and very cool!

December 7th, 2006

Babe, I Feel Your Pain

When I was a kid (9 o so) I remember being half asleep and watching in horror as Babe (Dustin Hoffman) got tortured by a mad Nazi dentist in the Marathon Man.   I’m not sure how I ended up tuning in, but I do know it freaked me out for quite some time.  In fact, it still freaks me out.

Marathon Man

Well, the other day, I got to feel Babe’s pain.  I went the doc to remove a few pins in my hand resulting from a bicycle accident a few weeks ago.   To date, the experience hasn’t been bad.  The worst part was breaking my carbon fiber Trek Madone.

But, removing the pins absolutely sucked.  The doc wiggled out the first pin with a pair of high dollar pliers and I could feel shock waves throughout my body – that felt kinda like putting aluminum foil on a filling, but on a bigger scale.  That process was quite uncomfortable.

But it got worse.   The second pin got stuck… picture the doc with his foot on the table yarning away.  I joked that he probably needs to hit the gym.  Pretending to be a tough guy the whole time I barely flinched.  Inside, I was seeing stars and ready to pass out.

After it was all said and done, I had to sit in the doctor’s waiting room for about 30 minutes out of eyesight, wiping the sweat off, and regaining my composure.  That sucked!

Here are some photos of the mangled thumb just before the fun began:

Broken Hand

Broken Hand

December 3rd, 2006

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