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The Hottest Thing I’ve Seen at NewsGator

Several weeks ago our Engineering VP at NewsGator, Karyn German, started doing weekly Friday afternoon QA power hours.  This has been a great concept that every company should consider.  Basically, the company gets together and we beat on the apps that are about to be released or go into beta.  There are tons of benefits - thorough testing, training, idea stimulation, motivation, etc etc.

Last week I saw one of the coolest NewsGator apps I have seen to date.  It is not quite fully locked and loaded, but one manifestation of the end result is somewhere on this space.  This thing flat out rocks… nice job Karyn (she was also instrumental in the design) and nice job Walker and his stellar team. It is just buzzing w/ goodness.

2 comments February 23rd, 2007

NewsGator the Coolest Company in Colorado

NewsGator is the coolest company in Colorado… David Cohen from thinks so too.  We like!

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It feels like twitter is getting lots of air time in the blogosphere these days. So much so that there servers seemed to be getting pretty tapped out. I had lots of trouble getting my twitter on today.

I think twitter is pretty cool… simple, solves a pain, and has some serious traction. And the team seems to have a great philosophy about building software and building a company.

Anyway, about 4 months ago, I posted a note that I was looking at the twitter API to build something cool. Well, it’s 4 months later and I got nothing. Maybe it’s time to take another look :)


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Million Dollar Idea

I just saw a post on TechCrunch talking about online retail.  It’s a 100 billion dollar industry… wow!  I know a great way for some enterprising entrepreneurs to get a chunk of that pie.

What I’m thinking about is a morph of and Yahoo Answers.  Let’s say I’m at a coffee shop and see some guy come in with a really cool cycling helmet (fill in the blank for what interests you).  I pull out my cell phone and snap a photo.  The dude thinks I am a freak and moves on.

Now, here’s where it gets juicy.  I take that photo and submit to and the community identifies the manufacturer and provides a link for a place to purchase.  I buy the helmet or visit the retail site and and the lucky cat who identifies the item share the revenue.  This could be big… really big!

Someone build this and I’d be glad to beta test or something like that :)

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Emma’s First Email


I have a gmail account setup for family email… Emma figured out how to use it and sent me an email.

Here’s her first email:

Emma's First Email

Translation - “I love you so much” and “I’m so happy that you are home”.  How sweet is that.

February 19th, 2007

Old Vs. New Media

My great friends Danny Newman and Joe Pezzillo and I were doing a photo shoot for the Boulder Daily Camera the other night.  We were goofing around and taking some photos to accompany an article about barcamp, an incredibly cool network of user generated conferences.  The three of us have been heavily involved with making the Denver and Boulder BarCamps tick.

Danny and Joe are about as new media as you can possibly get, and it was a bit ironic when old media and new media went toe to toe… it looked something like this:

Old vs New Media

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when old media adopts new media… I would love to see more of these authoritative and trained professionals writing blogs and perhaps producing video shows. We are seeing it happen now in radio (thanks for that tip Seth).

By the way, the giant Goss Metro offset printing press shown above was installed in 1973 and has seen some love and overhauls during its existence. But is still going strong today at the Daily Camera office on 11th and Pearl in amazing Boulder, Colorado.

February 14th, 2007

Smoke My Pipe

Yahoo recently introduced a new tool for folks to mash up web properties and make some cool apps – Yahoo Pipes.  One of my colleagues and a super smart and super cool guy, Nick Bradbury, recently did some plumbing.

Yahoo Pipes

I love Yahoo and the fact that they are pushing the envelope here, but I think the only people that will be able to grok this are developers, and we already have tools for doing this that provide more flexibility and autonomy.  But I am not dissing Pipes or Yahoo… this is a great piece of work!

On the one hand Yahoo is wetting the appetite of the geek community w/ Pipes and that is cool.  Yahoo is definitely upping the ante here with the notion of a web based IDE … very nice.  But Yahoo already has a very strong asset and an asset that makes me believe they will continue to shine regardless of any doubts or jelly stains.  Yahoo owns mom and pop.

Literally, Yahoo owns my mom and pop.  I recently went home for my sister’s 40th birthday and ever y time my mom or dad got on their computer, their experience was occurring inside the Yahoo space.  They check mail, weather, news, sports.  My mom loves word games and she used to buy the little soft cover jobbies.  Now she uses Yahoo.  My dad was always looking at the Yahoo finance stuff.  Oh, and they both use the search INSIDE Yahoo.

Yahoo, would you like some milk with that peanut butter sandwich?  Peanut butter is my favorite food… it is loaded with protein and provides plenty of fuel to get through the day ;)

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