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Microsoft and RIM

RIM shares rose on speculation of a Microsoft takeover.  I called this possibility back in April:

Now, that isn’t particularly interesting or compelling to me, but got me thinking and my first thought was that Microsoft must be acquiring RIM.

August 30th, 2007

NewsGator… Windows Mobile Style

With all the news about the iPhone lately, it seems like a good time to give some love back to the Windows Mobile world. iPhones are stunning, heck, we even got in on the fun and created an iPhone NewsGator reader (I’ve got to write down my thoughts on that process soon … some really good, some not so good). By the way, I have a list of to do’s for NewsGator iPhone v 2.0 that are queuing up. Keep an eye out for that in the near future.
But this is about Windows Mobile and NewsGator Go! Today we put out beta version 1.5 – please take a look. This version has a ton of new features and fixes (see below) and has been a blast to work on. When not on my bike, I spend a lot of time on the bus between Boulder and Denver and most of that is spent using Go! It is the mobile application I use the most, and I hope the latest version of Go! will improve your mobile experience as well!

We’ve added features that users have been asking for, incorporated ideas that other NewsGator folks (Brian, Brian, Brian, Greg, Jonathan, Ashley, Doug, and others) have surfaced – yep we have lots of Brians around here, fixed things that needed attention, and put in additions that make my commute more enjoyable. Whether you are waiting in line at the coffee shop, sitting in a boring meeting, or any other time you are away from your desktop, Go! will keep you in touch with your RSS. Here is a screenshot of the Go! media/podcast interface as an appetizer:

NewsGator Go!

Over the next few days I will talk about some of the new features in Go!, but in the meantime please kick the tires and send us your feedback to the NewsGator Forum. Take a look and let us know what you think, what is still missing, and what needs improvement.

IMPORTANT: There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. At a minimum you will need the .NET compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 (it has to be SP 2 or better –there are some issues with the browser control and htpp requests/aborts in prior versions)
  2. If you are using Windows Vista, you will need to install using the CAB files (either copy the CAB over to your device or fetch from your device browser). There is an issue with the desktop installer on Vista. THANKS NickH for finding that one.

On another note, the great folks from across the hall put out NewsFriends today a great app for you Faceboook fanatics. Check it out as well; it’s cool!

Some of the new features in Go! V 1.5:

  • Media
    • Podcasts
      • Resume interrupted downloads
      • Play using default device media player (media types supported dependent on media player)
      • Scheduled downloads – not completely yet implemented
      • Specify the storage location (external storage card recommended)
      • Special icon indicate a feed with media
      • Special icons denote articles with media
    • Streaming Video
      • Play using default device media player (media types supported dependent on media player)
      • Specify the storage location (external storage card recommended)
      • Special icon indicate a feed with media
      • Special icons denote articles with media
  • Scheduled Sync
    • Specify how often to sync with NewsGator API
    • If syncing once a day, specify the sync hour
  • Auto Update Feeds
    • Automatically fetch feed updates when feed is accessed (optional)
  • Clipping
    • Clip to any of your clippings folders
    • Specify a quick clip folder for fast clipping
  • Feed Management
    • Subscribe to feeds
    • Manually add feed url’s
    • Clipboard support
    • Working on better feed discovery – not completely implemented
    • Unsubscribe from NewsGator
    • Unsubscribe from NewsGator Go!(mobile location)
  • Email Articles
    • Enter in arbitrary email addresses
    • Attach a comment
    • Select recipients from your contact list
  • Navigation Improvements
    • Navigation through feeds using the D-Pad (in ALL views)
  • Refactor Settings
    • A plethora of setting have been added to customize the experience
    • All settings can be set from one view
  • Flight Mode
  • River of News
    • View all articles in a folder sorted chronologically
  • Auto Scrolling of Article Titles (optional)
    • For articles with long titles, the entire title will scroll when activated
  • Search
    • Search for feeds to subscribe to
    • Search for most relevant articles on a particular subject
  • Exception Handlin/Logging
    • All exception are logged to a circular log file (optional)
  • Post scrubbing
    • Article content is scrubbed to remove malicious code and to ensure valid Html
  • Top Posts
    • View most popular posts over all NewsGator subscribers
      • One day
      • One week
      • Two weeks
  • Today Screen/Home Screen Integration – not completely implemented yet
  • Day Separator in Article View
    • Organize your article list by date – very useful in the River of News View (optional)
  • Links are optimized for mobile viewing (default Skweezer transcoder)
  • SSL Support
  • Proxy Support
  • Mark This and Older Read feature – clipping mark old articles in a feed as read

August 28th, 2007

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