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Sling… Shot

Sling Media was acquired by EchoStar… great news for a really cool company with a great product. I dig that Sling Media has always had a strong interest in mobile. They have had a Windows Mobile client for a quite a while - it is pretty slick. And recently I believe they announced a version for Palm and intentions for a J2ME client.


I got my first Sling box from my friend Andy. He let me borrow it - it was one of the original batch and the streams were unencrypted - Windows Media format. I was trying to hack the thing to see if I could pull off a stream from my cable box, pump into a media server, and broadcast that stream live (their software limits you to a one-one peering). Yeh, I know the pirating implications are not admirable, but it was a fun project. That led to another project, which led to a dead end… but valuable lessons learned along the way.
Anyway, congrats to the team, local investor Ryan McIntyre, and Jason Hirschhorn from Sling who I met through NewsGator.

September 25th, 2007

Mint - Managing My Finances



Is Mint right for me? Mint won the TechCrunch40, and I certainly would love to have better control over my finances… Quicken & MS Money just take too much effort.

Mint looks cool - check out Scoble’s video for a quick overview.

There are a few problems I have though…

  1. The obvious - they have my secret information.  That makes me a bit nervous.
  2. The not so obvious - the service is free.  Sounds good, but wait a sec… how do they plan to make money?  Will they be providing me the best advice when suggesting cost savings? From their site,  “Mint identifies products having the best price or interest rate.”  … or the highest bidder?  Also, one’s purchase stream has a very high value.  Will this be in jeopardy?

I am gonna give Mint a go… Aaron Patzer, the CEO, seems genuine and the product’s value prop looks really good.  Mint has a great personality!  It looks like Aaron went out in old-school entrepreneur style and built an elegant thingie that solved a real pain that he was having.  That’s cool!

September 20th, 2007

NewsGator Goes to the Zoo

Over the weekend I took the kiddos to the Denver zoo… Holly got a well deserved day off for hiking and coffee with friends.

We had a fantastic time seeing all sorts of cool animals, making cotton candy messes, and taking numerous laps on the carousel. It was all courtesy of NewsGator… that is pretty cool!

Denver Zoo 2007

On Friday Veronica put together a package for each family that was going to the zoo. Emma, Asher, and Ava each had their own goodie bag full of goodness. They were totally psyched when I got home on Friday. NewsGator also gave us a very gracious amount of zoo bucks so we could eat cotton candy ’till we turned blue. It was a great time. Thanks NewsGator!

September 9th, 2007

Twitter to Facebook

I have been a long time Twitter fan, and I am also am starting to muck around in Facebook… one of the points of redundancy is the status feature in FB. I’d rather just update Twitter and have that post to FB.

So, this am I whipped up some waffles for the kiddos while Holly was hiking.  As they were making a mess, I made it happen and created a Twitter to Facebook app. I took some code I wrote for Brad a while back for pumping RSS content to Twitter.  Then I ported some nifty code that updates one’s FB status; there is no API yet for this, but you can “leverage” the FB mobile endpoints. I am not sure that this is okay to do, but hey it is my account after all.

So now I update Twitter and it automagically posts an update to my FB status Very Sweet (see images below)! FYI: The Twitter screen shot below was taken from Tiny Twitter - it’s a client I created for getting Twitter on your mobile… that’s cool too!

Tiny Twitter - Twitter to Facebook

Facebook - Twitter to Facebook

September 1st, 2007


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