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Desktop vs. Web

Every now and again the debate stirs up over the merits of desktop vs. web based software. The debate ends here! And the answer is simple - it’s both!

My co-worker and friend, Nick Bradbury, sums it up in one line:

“PS: As I’ve written before, I think the so-called battle between web and desktop apps is overblown. It’s a hybrid world, not an either-or situation.”

January 11th, 2008

Wikipedia Updates Blazing Fast

I was just watching Jay Leno doing a Q&A session with his audience.  Someone asked him who was his least favorite guest… he answered Ken Wahl.  So I googled poor Ken and in a few seconds landed on his Wikipedia entry and right in the entry was the following:

“On January 9, 2008 Jay Leno stated that he was his least favorite guest ever on the Tonight Show, adding (lightheardedly) that Wahl was “a pain in the ass.”  Check it out.
Wow! That is pretty impressive and is a great example of the power and immediacy of user generated content!

January 10th, 2008

Go! Get It - It’s Free, All NewsGator Products are Free!

NewsGator Go! is now free!

NewsGator Go!

So, you’ve went out and bought a shiny new mobile device, and now you are looking for some great software. But that new device and the holiday’s have tapped your budget. Well, I have good news for you. If you want to keep up with what’s going on in your world from your mobile, you can do that now and it won’t cost you a penny. NewsGator’s mobile news readers are all FREE:

And while you’re at it, grab one or all of the other NewsGator client products. They are all free as well! The clients are all fantastic, and they all synchronize with each other:

  • Windows – get FeedDemon for FREE
  • Mac – get NetNewsWire for FREE
  • Outlook – get Inbox for FREE

I’m glad we are giving our killer consumer products away – it’s a great move for the company and a great move for our customers! A few months ago I was on vacation in the mountains outside of Denver relaxing in the hot tub with some other folks from the area. We started talking about what we do; all these folks were intelligent and technology savvy. However, none of them knew about RSS – I explained what it was and they all agreed it sounded great and useful. Well, now that our clients our free I hope I don’t need to do any more explaining!

On top of spreading the love about RSS, this move will certainly help my friends and co-workers in the enterprise side of the house sell more software. As folks learn about RSS and the aewsomeness of NGES, their job of selling becomes that much easier! In addition to helping enterprise sales, we will also be focusing the clients on delivering more relevant content - you’ll be hearing much more about that in the following weeks and months.
Nick and Greg do a great job of explaining this transition so be sure to check that out. Get ‘em while their hot!

January 9th, 2008

Mean People Suck

Yep, we all know that. So that’s all I have to say about that.

But what about the opposite. Nice people don’t suck. In fact, when you meet nice/good people make sure you value that relationship. I have a really good exaple about a great person and one who I am really glad to call a friend.

Andrew Hyde

That cat is Andrew Hyde. Last week I was supposed to meet Andrew to kick around his business plan/idea (which is really cool btw). Unfortunately on the bike ride up from Denver to Boulder, I hit a patch of ice south of town, slid into an intersection, and tagged a car. I didn’t get hurt too bad but dinged my bike up a bit. I showed up to the Trident coffee shop way late and Andrew had left already.

When I told Andrew what happened and that I was about to leave the coffee shop, Andrew was just concerned about me! In fact, Andrew drove over. On the way, he saw me waiting for the bus, picked me up, and drove me home. We had a great conversation on the ride home, and I am really glad to have such a kick ass friend. Thanks Andrew!

[On a side note, if you are thinking about funding Andrew’s new business, do it. Andrew is guaranteed to be successful - just look at what he’s done with Startup Weekend.]

January 9th, 2008

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