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December 16th, 2007

Tiny Twitter Love
[point your mobile browser at to get the latest version of Tiny Twitter (v 0.9.9 12/15/2007) on your mobile device. You’ll be up and running in under 2 minutes]

Earlier in the year I started regularly using Twitter… soon after (aka pre-iPhone era) I built a mobile Twitter client for my Blackberry. I built Tiny Twitter for several reasons, but mainly I wanted a way to avoid the SMS traffic. On nights and weekends over the past year I have tuned Tiny Twitter - mainly adding features and fixing things for me and my fellow Tiny Twitter users. The latest version, 0.9.9, is looking pretty good!

Tiny Twitter will work on Nokia devices, Blackberries, and pretty much any mobile device that is Java enabled (including T-Mobile phones for those feeling the T-Mobile/Twitter pain):

Tiny Twitter on Crackberry
[Tiny Twitter on Crackberry]
Tiny Twitter on Nokia
[Tiny Twitter on Nokia]

*NOTE: on Nokia devices you’ll want to adjust the font size to the smallest setting (go to Font Settings from the Options Menu).

I also own a few Windows Mobile devices and have been wanting to build a Twitter client for these devices too (my Tiny Twitter Java client is just to wonky on Windows Mobile). The biggest thing holding me back from creating a Windows Mobile version of Tiny Twitter was the need for creating a custom control for rendering the follower timeline. This is something I had done in the past, and I just never had the time or desire to jump in head first. Well, one day I was having coffee with my man Matthias and turns out he was psyched to tackle this task. Matthias hunkered down and a few days later had the beginnings of a rock solid control - Matthias is the man. With the hard part out of the way courtesy of Matthias, I took some time over the Thanksgiving break to clean up some things, fix some defects, and add some features. I and some early users started using Tiny Twitter on Windows Mobile… and now you too can get Twitter love on Windows Mobile:

Tiny Twitter on Windows Mobile
*NOE: you’ll need to have the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP 2 at a minimum.

Enjoy! Twitter is a cool AND useful application after you start using it and it gets even better when you have a Twitter mobile client. I love Tiny Twitter and hope you will too.

Here are some of the features you’ll find in Tiny Twitter:

  • Automatically updated follower timeline
  • Automatically updated inbox (direct messages)
  • Delete all or single tweets
  • One click replies (@) and direct messages from the timeline
  • Quick access to see a follower’s timeline
  • Access links embedded in tweets
  • Hide friends (Java only)
  • Settings to customize the update interval and UI appearance
  • And of course most importantly send tweets!!!

Have fun you twittering fool go to and check it out :)

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