What I Want for XMas

October 7th, 2006

… or maybe for my birthday since it is on Monday. What I want is a piece of software for my Windows Mobile phone. I’ll get to that in a minute.

This part of the story sucks big time but is related… Tim DeBoom dropped off case of Red Bull on my porch yesterday (the kids do NOT need this, so I will be good to go w/ Red Bull for a while). Maybe I can find some wings and build this software myself. Tim is going off the grid for a bit, and I guess won’t be needing as much Red Bull. Tim is a two time Hawaii Ironman champ and was hoping to kick some butt there again this year as the favorite, but a foot injury has him sidelined. He is totally bummed so he hit the road with his wife Nicole to get away while the event goes on without him. Tim is the coolest dude you’d ever meet. If you didn’t know he was one of the greatest athletes to walk the earth, you’d never know it – he certainly would not tell you. Class act guy, and my family is totally bummed out about this. Why does this crap happen to such good people?

(Before my epic ride/run this am I pounded a few Red Bulls - RED BULL #1 and RED BULL #2 and this theme will continue)

Anyway, back to the software… Holly and Emma are the CU Buffs football game right now. Yeh, how jacked up is that. The boys are at home (Asher is being a little shit, so he stays home) and Ava is napping. So, I volunteered to hold down the fort while Holly and Emma get some girl time. RED BULL #3

So here is what I want; I want Holly to be able to whip out her Windows Mobile device, start shooting stuff with the built in camera (some of the game and mostly just them having fun), and stream it to me. I want to see it now (and so would my Mom and Dad and Holly’s folks and you get the idea)… Throw VOIP on top of that and we can have a really interesting interaction. As I express my thoughts here - RED BULL #4

Boulder doesn’t have city wide WiFi yet… yet. But the game is on campus, and I imagine Holly could get a signal and get on w/ my old CU credentials. All the pieces are there. The technology and the Red Bull are in place, so what’s the holdup, hey?

If I could only pull RSS into this somehow, I could add this feature to NewsGator Go! ;) Okay, that’s a stretch.

Just my ramblings as I try to tame the raging boy (hey, he is just like me - what did I expect) and now Ava – she just woke up - time for RED BULL #5

I am amped now… and should be seeking out Red Bull for a sponsorship of my own. Red Bull? You know where to find me.

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4 Responses to “What I Want for XMas”

  1. Standing Mobile » Publishing Movies On the Go Says:

    […] My wish to have my wife and daughter video and stream their experience at the CU football game may not be too far off in the weeds. […]

  2. Andrew Shuttleworth Says:

    Sounds like you need PocketCaster from ComVu: http://www.comvu.com/. Does exactly what you want including automatic posting to blogs or friends notification by email. Of course it works best with wi-fi but also with cell phone connections.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Nice! thanks for the pointer Andrew - I’ll have to give this a go.

  4. Kevin Cawley Goes Mobile » 2008 - The Year of Mobile Says:

    […] Live streaming video to/from mobile devices will mature and create a killer opportunity (Scoble is already messing around with Qik and comvu has had this for Windows Mobile for a while [thanx for that pointer Andrew]) - I called this one way back in the olden days […]

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