What is Wirefly? – Good overview from eHow.com

December 13th, 2010

From ehow.com:

Wirefly has been operating online since at least 2003, though it does not offer a complete history about its inception. Since 2007 the company has been privately owned by Simplexity L.L.C., whose corporate headquarters are in Reston, Virginia. The “technology and operations center” is in Largo, Maryland.

Wirefly is an “authorized agent” for most cellular phone carriers in the United States. One question asked constantly about Wirefly is how it can sell phones at rates lower than most other retailers. According to Wirefly’s website, it is able to sell cheaply because it doesn’t make money off the handset sales themselves. Instead, Wirefly helps cellular companies “keep customers” by locking them into contracts longer than those they might normally have opted for. For this customer retention, Wirefly is compensated by the cellular providers once the customer successfully reaches the end of the contract.

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